Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I need your help ladies finding a gift - I wanted to do a box of little-r gifts representing sweet, geek and "spicy." I have the Geek - that is what started this whole idea but the spicy and the sweet I don't know really. It needs to be light enough to ship. I was thinking of the sweet being food - like hot cinnamon marshmallows and the spicy being a set of dice I found on Etsy... But I don't know a part of me wants it to be even more creative - then again I could end up in the endless cycle of trying to top myself - and it is just Valentine's Day...

PS This was my solution to the whole "keep reading" technical issue I was having

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Blog Ladies

AE - "Artist Extraordinaire" Grad school friend - amazingly talented
AR - Aussie (Ex)Roommate
BR - Brazilian (Ex) Roommate
CC - Photographer, artist, and the Queen of the Carbon Compounds
LB - Coworker, and fellow possible Gemini - now ex-co-worker but only because she has my job and I have graduate school now.
HSBFF - High School BFF, since the dawn of boys and hormones, we've been through all of life's storms together
KAB - Kiss A** Ballerina - Grad School friend - crazy amazingly talent
L - or as she would like to be known HHMNERP (Hot Hot Married Native Ex Roomie Princess)
LMDTB - Little Miss Doctor To Be
Miss 50's - the hostest with the mostest as far as the 50's are concerned Married and moved on
Ms. J - her majesty, the multi-talented, always gracious and corrupting beauty
N - my bestest ex-work friend Left work and disappeared only to reappear on FB
R/Roommate - Current roommate - Contemporary dancer, Left handed and all around awesome
TBF - Tattooed Best Friend, my confidant, travel companion and yummy mummy who unceremoniously ended our friendship.
V - Virology and Vocal Queen, talented

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About Me

I love: stilettos
I keep: Vodka in the Freezer
I read: The Economist and Chaucer
I run: for brownies and marathon bliss black toes
I eat: vegan food when I can
I sing to: female singer-songwriters
I sniff: used books

Blog Boys

AB aka:ABWLHSTDTAAP (Artistic Boy Who Lost His Shot To Date This Apparently "Amazing" Person...) - LONG TERM RELATIONSHIP
AL aka: BWCTBISOA (Boy who claims to be in search of Ariele) Ariele Lover for short... no? SINGLE
BB: Barista Boy or Slow it on down there, don't chase me I have bad Grade 2 memories I haven't addressed in regards to that....  MARRIED, ALREADY DIVORCED and TRYING THE SAME WAGON AGAIN...OY VAY
Belgian Boy: An accent to make you weak in the knees and a heart as warm.
BIaka: BIWHMBHWTMK (Boy I would have married but he wasn't the marrying kind) ENGAGED/LT
Mr. Brilliant: Awkward non-date and little else to describe our friendship. He's too like me in all the ways I don't like me to be a suitable match. DATING
BV aka: BVHMAOMP (Boy V has met at OM's party)
CEF: Crazy Ex Fiance
CW: Co-Worker since *giggle* is an appropriate description - social justice minded, thesis writing, funny guy
Date* - Includes all the forms of possible dates - friend, pseudo or the real thing
DB aka: DBWCPAMHOR (Drummer Boy Who Can Play A Mean Hand of Rook) - On paper he is all that I should want and ever need. I've known him since I was a child and he has always had this inexplicable pull for me. GIRLFRIEND? Regardless, no longer interested
DirectoryBoy: Fellow student with some weird views on women. Let's just say that's a ship that I torpedoed.
Mr. Not So Grumpy Anymore (Formerly known as the Douche):Moping, always sullen fellow student, questionable possible dating material DATING (thus the non-grumble status)
IT: Intentional Typo
Lawyer Guy: The name says it all - he's a lawyer, he's a guy and he is my EX-boyfriend and is now referred to a NLLL-Ex-Boyfriend or NB
MW aka: MWBTTCGCH (More wilderness boy than this city girl can handle) - Tangoed with that oh so briefly.  DATING
NLLL: Non-ladylike language
NN aka: NNBFMCD - New Neighbour Boy From My Chemistry Days MARRIED
OM: short for many options MARRIED
RB: aka Runner Boy - the sort of dater, sort of single one and definitely not sort of an option.- MARRIED
WTD:What the Duck - my Blackberry's overused phrase as of late...
X:Mr. International Man of Mystery and absolutely lovely to boot.

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