Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Brief Update

So remember when I got laid off in February and that led to the stupidity of March...


I am part time employed now (well actually June 2)


I have an internship (paid) that is lined up for September.

In the matter of two weeks I have most of the questions I had before LG and I broke up resolved and it is kind of mind blowing.

That is all

Sunday, May 11, 2014

I Need Your Help Dear Readers

X is graduating from his residency and moving to his new life in (according to Google) a cute town. The last time he graduated we were dating and I bought him a shirt, tie and cufflinks for the occasion. This time is different for a few reasons - like we're not dating and this is it, he's officially it and exiting the world of academia and entering the real world.

Since I'm not sure what the real world looks like or what to get a man who you think is amazing and love but aren't dating (I don't think you all need a refresher course as to why).


My only parameters - it needs to be easily shipped or order online and shipped and $50-100.