Friday, May 20, 2011

I am away ya'll...

I am off with my honey bunny, X, (yes dear I called you that in a public semi-permanent format - deal with it) to see him graduate (CONGRATULATIONS! *muah*) and hang out with his family and peeps.  Also important to note, one whole week away from work, though I will have my crackberry...


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Our Song?

Taylor Swift informed me that relationships need songs.  Interesting?  Well first of all I like Taylor Swift so sue me - I do nasty accounting and I like to listen to something as fluffy as humanly possible but not quite Disney, and maybe I just like that she writes nasty tell all songs about all her exes.  It's like we are soul mates!   I write blogs and she writes songs, only difference is there is a few million in revenue that she gets - fair enough it is a little more difficult than what I do around here.

I have no problem finding break up songs, some days it feels like I have more of those than Charlie Sheen has had one morning/day/evening/evening stands. And of course because I say that, y'all are going to think X and I are rocky.  We are not.  I think the reason for the dearth in break up songs is just because they're so damn easy to write.  Love songs are more complicated.  The process of saying I love you seems to be so much more drawn out and complicated than saying "I hate you," "I need to find myself," "NLLL off you cheating NLLL" and so on and so forth.

So here is my lovely collection from the past

This song belongs to a man who rarely if ever has found himself on this blog - maybe because I got out all my rage when I burned his stuff - let's just say poor BI had to help kick me into exorcising him.

Oddly this song I think collided with my dissolution with My Mr. Big - yes it's Avril, but when the Music video channel has to fill their content with X amount of crappy but national content, you get to hear these kids of jems over and over and over.

In the months post CEF I realized that while I didn't have a post breakup song, nor did really want to - I just wanted to forget it all. However, I did find this song so relevant as time went on and he still wouldn't go away that there were times I was incredibly tempted to quote it in its entirety

Well we've dealt with AB before and honestly if I have to hear another Lady Antebellum song from that time in my life I might do something very non-ladylike.

Sure John Mayer has lots of break up songs - but I have to say these are the ones that come to mind.  So here we are at the end of a post about break up songs and I'm at a loss for a LOVE song about X. 

Any I love you songs in your repertoires?

This song was on the radio this morning, it's a little dramatic and I sure as heck do not want to be anywhere near a cabin, I am a city girl through and through.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

I'm A Lit Geek

I get it.  I think most people who spend an extended conversation with me get it, really quickly, for some.  I have opinions - some of which hurt the hearts of the ones I love - poor X (I didn't like the book he bought for me as a gift and yes I could have lied but BSing my boyfriend to the extent I would have needed to is even more cold and damaging to me)... onwards.  At dinner last night Ms J's man asked what I am going to graduate school for beyond seminary... and then the thesis comes out along with discussions on everything else literature related.

In all this graduate school talk there is always the question, so what are you going to do with THAT.  Yes a MA is still a THAT degree.  Well dears, I do not hope to teach high school students. I would like to teach college students who understand the glorious importance of Beowulf and well the whole canon and how it shaped all the layers of development and experimentation.  But here is the issue I am realizing, those students don't exist.  They used to, but they don't now.  The education system is more or less abysmal, so high school teaching here I might be coming in an attempt to give our university professors something to work with.
Here is the reason for this change of mind:

I will say do not drink coffee and read this, please for the sake of your gorgeous laptop.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Medical Update

I try to keep my medical updates to a minimum as not to depress me or you - but yesterday was another medical day.  I got to have my eyes dilated and have my freckle examined.  Yes my fair and freckley skin means that I have a freckle in my eye too.  Now I learned yesterday, courtesy of the nice retinal surgeon that my freckle is likely always going to be benign.  If it was a mole we'd have a problem I should be concerned about.  However, that being said I need to have it routinely examined to ensure it doesn't become malignant.  I am not worried about the potential of cancer as much as I find it funny.  Don't get me wrong cancer isn't funny, however for my body, to have it be a spot in my eye that has the potential to be it just seems to fit to my weirdness.

So yep I could end up with a melanoma in my eye and I don't know what that would mean - but I do know it's the future, and like all things in the future - I don't need to dwell on them.

PS Wondering where the freckle is?  It's that dark pigmented area in the middle


I was in Starbucks yesterday flirting for my free drink and I heard this come on - I'd heard it before but it took me until the chorus to remember it and then well it was stuck in my brain.

Life is a little upside down at the moment and I definitely get anxious when that happens - the internal fight to right all that is happening gets incredibly strong which just snowballs everything.  I've been getting busier with friends - and I do like that but I find it can be emotionally a little chaotic. Add to that my roommate has gone tree planting for at least a month and now I have an empty home again... and the GRE, stupid books keep taunting me and so on and so forth and I feel like I'm drowning a little at the moment.  All I want is X to turn the world right but that's not going to happen any time before the 20th and even that trip is making me anxious.... gah  *DEEP BREATH* So while I find a paper bag to breath into, check out this song

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Carrying Along

I am slowly recovering from my silly cold and now just dripping ever so slowly but still enough to have a Rudolph esque nose... as such I felt it was time to share something less educational and more fun.  I completely and unabashedly love the Big Bang Theory.

Monday, May 02, 2011