Thursday, January 01, 2009

Blog Ladies

AE - "Artist Extraordinaire" Grad school friend - amazingly talented
AR - Aussie (Ex)Roommate
BR - Brazilian (Ex) Roommate
CC - Photographer, artist, and the Queen of the Carbon Compounds
LB - Coworker, and fellow possible Gemini - now ex-co-worker but only because she has my job and I have graduate school now.
HSBFF - High School BFF, since the dawn of boys and hormones, we've been through all of life's storms together
KAB - Kiss A** Ballerina - Grad School friend - crazy amazingly talent
L - or as she would like to be known HHMNERP (Hot Hot Married Native Ex Roomie Princess)
LMDTB - Little Miss Doctor To Be
Miss 50's - the hostest with the mostest as far as the 50's are concerned Married and moved on
Ms. J - her majesty, the multi-talented, always gracious and corrupting beauty
N - my bestest ex-work friend Left work and disappeared only to reappear on FB
R/Roommate - Current roommate - Contemporary dancer, Left handed and all around awesome
TBF - Tattooed Best Friend, my confidant, travel companion and yummy mummy who unceremoniously ended our friendship.
V - Virology and Vocal Queen, talented

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