Sunday, June 29, 2014

I Need a Time Out or Something

I've been having a bit of an emotional meltdown these days and I know it will pass, it always does... I must confess I've been having the why am I single feelings...

They seem more complicated this time around - I've been trying to block out the irrational nature of LG's break up with me - the words that my life is too much for him to handle - I know it doesn't but it feels like it right now, that I'm just too broken/messy/too too much for anyone... I able to acknowledge that this feeling is being fuelled by CG and more so the article/mini-film I am going to be apart of for a local major newspaper about my PTSD.

Granted he may never read it (though our office does get that newspaper), but there is a very likely possibility that he's not interested in me or we are compatible... so what right?

And of course it seems like the annual wedding-a-thon has descended on Twitter and FB and I want to be happy for everyone, I am, but you know, and at the same time I'm so thankful for where I am.

Conflicted much?

I am kind of relishing all the things that I'm learning and witnessing in my life but even more so in my friends. I have so much to be thankful for - so on that note can someone I love get engaged, that would be great, I can just live vicariously through you.

I cannot find something that fits my mood so here is something from current search for more running music:

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  1. I think you need a visit from your ex ex roomie and her toddling baby.


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